Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Princess and Make-up

Monday Molly and I went over to Sherry's for a play-date with Chloe. It was so great because the girls played so well and Sherry and I could just have some adult talk and both being newbies to the stay-at home mom thing we talked a lot about that. It was also nice to be in company with another former teacher since Monday was the first day of school, still a little weird sometimes that I am not there.

I love this picture of Chloe and her princess attire! I don't think she left anything out.

Here is Molly and her princess attire. A crown that is upside down. That was all she wanted.

They both loved to lay in the bed and cover all the way up then pop-up to scare us.

Speaking of princesses my little princess Molly loves to put on my make-up. Well at least I pretend to put it on her. I saw this on another blog and wanted to share because Molly loves it. If your little girl likes to put on make up and you don't want her to put on real make-up just got get some cheap eye shadow and finger nail polish. I went to the Dollar Store. Chip all of the eye shadow out with a knife then use the finger nail polish and paint in areas where the eyes shadow was.
Once it is dry they have there own "real" looking eyeshadow, brush and all, that does not make a mess.
Molly loves it. I make sure to keep it in my make-up bag so when I am putting on make-up and she asks for some I hand her the "eye shadow" and she loves to put it on.


Alison said...

That is a great idea!!!! I'm going to do it.

Kyle and Marci said...

Wonderful idea!!!

Sherry said...

LOVE the princess pictures! And the make-up idea. I am totally doing that for Chloe. Can't wait for our next playdate!