Sunday, March 27, 2011

JBF Sale

Have you ever heard of the JBF sale.  Well, this past Wednesday was my first experience at the JBF sale.  My friend Virginia and I went and had a lot of fun.  I think there are lots of other big consignment sales like this in the Dallas area but this one was closest to us.  We went on Wednesday which was the first day.  You had to pay to get in on this day but it was well worth paying to get in to beat the crowds that would all be coming on the free days.  Also on the first day there are no kids allowed so that was nice to not have to bring our little ones and just get to shop.  I took some pictures of the massiveness of this place and the amount of stuff there was to look at (sorry some of the pics are blurry).  There were also rows and rows of clothes divided by boys or girls and then divided by sizes.  You have to be in the mood to look, but I found some great finds. I will say that if you actually sale stuff at the event you get to shop before everyone and I have heard that is when you can find some really great deals, like name brand clothes and boutique clothes for really cheap.  However, I still found some great deals and cute stuff!

Here is our Canton cart full of stuff I also got Bret's mom that little bouncer seat to have at her house since there will be two little babies!!  My sister-in-law Abby is expecting too!  We are four weeks apart.  How fun!

I found this cute diaper bag in great condition for cheap-o

Since I knew I was having another little girl I could not resist picking up a few outfits for her.  I will be able to reuse most of Molly's stuff for her which is great but I still had to get her something.

I don't have pictures of all the stuff I got for Molly because it is already washed and put up.  I got her some great cotton any time summer dresses, some cute summer night gowns, several cheap cheap play clothes (for like $2, there would be two shirts stuck together for $4 or two pair of shorts stuck together for $4.  I don't think anything could be priced under $3 or $4 so some things would be paired together to sell better), two pair of crocs that were $4 for both pair, some reef flip-flops.  I am sure there is more.  They only have this sale twice a year.  Once in the spring/summer and then in the fall/winter.  I definitely think I will be going back in the fall!


Michelle said...

I went on Friday and apparently I need to pay the extra money to go on Weds. I found some good stuff but not nearly as good as my friends that went on the early days.

Alison said...

The twins club has a bi-annual sale that I've been to twice and it is really neat. At first, I feel too pressured to be able to look, then I relax and find some great things!

Megan said...

So fun! I am jealous! ;-) Looks like you got some great things!!