Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jumpin Fool

Now that Molly has gotten over her fear of jumping on the trampoline she can't get enough.  She loves to jump and it does not stop on the trampoline.  She jumps on her bed, the couch, off of stuff and up onto things.

If you had not heard the story before of her jumping fear here it is:  For Christmas she got a trampoline because she already loved jumping on her bed.  We thought she would love it!  Well we got it set up and tried to get her on it and she refused.  Bret and I even took turns jumping on it to show her how fun it was and she still refused.  We made her get on it and she screamed, terrified screaming!  This fear of her not wanting to jump and us asking and telling her it was fun went on for well from January till the end of February maybe beginning of March.  One week my dad was up here for a meeting and was playing outside with her and tried to get her to jump.  She told him "NO, I will get stuck in the clouds!!"  This was funny but it was a real fear.  She really thought she would get stuck in the clouds.  One day she finally asked if she could jump.  She got on and held on to the sides and started jumping.  She let go and jumped some more and got higher and higher.  She turned and looked at me with such shock and delight and said "Mom, I did not get stuck in the clouds!"  Since that day she asks to jump everyday.


Abby said...

So that was it? Too funny!!

Megan said...

I am so in love with that first picture! She is so sassy in those glasses!! Love it! And, I am glad she didn't get stuck in the clouds! ;-)

Chris said...

Trampoline: $500
All you need is love Beetles t-shirt: $10
Pink diva glasses: $5

Seeing a happy little girl with wild hair jumping and living life to the fullest without fear...PRICELESS!

Michelle said...

LOVE this!!! She is so stinkin cute and funny!