Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day and Playing At Work

I apologize that this post is not all that exciting, but sometimes we just don't have to many exciting things going on around in the Williams household.

We did not do much for Memorial day.  We had just gotten back after our week vacation of fishing with my family so we just hung out at home.  We got a blow up pool for Molly that we also enjoyed and tried to make it a little more exciting by putting her play set slide in it, which she loved.

After Memorial day I had to run over to my work in Dallas and switch out a few things but Molly got to come with me since I was not going to stay and work.  She has never been with me to my work location and for a reason.  When we got their the gym was set up and ready for classes to start next week.  She had so much fun playing.  I did give her a little PlayWisely private lesson, and she did not want to leave.  I felt kind of bad that I don't bring her to be in an actual class.  I do PlayWisely with her at home but of course it is not the same as playing in the gym.


Michelle said...

Looks like fun to me! You guys had a busy week and deserved a little down time.

Alison said...

That looks really fun! The pool and the gym. We need to get together soon!